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The most popular Chinese Chess App!

Action Chinese Chess is the most popular Chinese Chess app on Android and iOS combined. Most loved by many Westerners who are learning Chinese Chess.


Start learning something new today? Try it for free:

Action Chinese Chess for Android Action Chinese Chess for iOS

Chinese Chess Girl

How do you like me?


Action Chinese Chess for Android Action Chinese Chess for iOS

We’re on the News!


One of our games, Action Chinese Chess is on VnExpress, which is the most popular press in Vietnam.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 7.55.04 PM


Action Chinese Chess for Android Action Chinese Chess for iOS

Jetpack Kong has arrived to iOS App Store

Action Chinese Chess for iOS Download for Android!

Jetpack Kong Coming to iOS

Are you ready, iPhone Users? Jetpack Kong is coming for you 🙂

Count It Up! 20 New Levels

Are you ready to take the Challenge?

20 New Levels have been added. Keep counting it up!

Download for Android! Action Chinese Chess for iOS

If you know how to play Chess, you already know how to play Chinese Chess!

Believe it or not? Try it out for yourself on Action Chinese Chess, which is available for free on App Stores.

Download from iOS / iTunes App Store

Download from Android / Google Play Store



Count It Up! on Apple App Store

Download for Android! Action Chinese Chess for iOS

Follow the Android version which can be found at Google Play Store: Download here, the iOS version is now available for at Apple iTunes App Store Download here.

Counting number has never been this fun! Try it for yourself 🙂


Chinese New Year & Chinese Chess

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Probably billions of people around the world, especially in Asia are celebrating. Yet, it’s the year of the Monkey; how fun it is? But you know what? It can be more fun when you have someone playing a few matches of Chinese Chess with you on New Year’s Eve. This is in fact one of the traditions in some Asian countries such as China and Vietnam. If you’ve never heard about it, well you can start your tradition now.

If you don’t have that someone to play with you, try our Action Chinese Chess which is free and available for your iOS or Android devices. Trust me, it’s one of the best apps out there in this category. Don’t know Chinese? No worries, this game is also designed for non-Chinese readers; you don’t need to read Chinese to be able to play. The pieces are symbolized with Western Chess symbols. If you’re already a Chess player, you already know how to play Chinese Chess. You can play online, offline, learn tactics with Endgame Puzzles and more. Please try it for yourself.



We wish you a Happy Lunar New Year, a Happy Monkey Year 🙂

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